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Kaspar and Esh
Kaspar and Esh

It all began in 1916 when bench jeweler, Barnett Esh and his wife, Rachael Kaspar started created a proprietary line of fine jewelry for distribution across the United States. Barnett headed the manufacturing while Racheal sold the product. Since then, Kaspar & Esh has evolved its lines while keeping its commitment to quality and service.

As a proud, family owned company, Kaspar & Esh is currently run by the family's fourth generation who strive each day to carry on the commitment to craftsmanship begun so many years ago. .

For nearly a century of excellence, Kaspar & Esh has offered a vast selection of fine jewelry, all manufactured here in the United States. Kapser & Esh's extensive line of exquisite jewelry includes such popular items as Add-A-Link bracelets, fine natural and treated blue diamond jewelry, as well as anniversary and bridal jewelry.

Kaspar & Esh’s exclusive Add-A-Link bracelets come in a wide range of styles, from contemporary to vintage-inspired pieces. Each style includes intricate detailing to capture a real sense of classic elegance and sophistication that will endure year after year. Kasper & Esh's Add-A-Link bracelet styles are as unique as you are.

The Add-A-Link bracelet is a woman’s fine diamond tennis bracelet that can be initially purchased with a single link assembled on a white or yellow gold filled bracelet. Each link commemorates a special occasion, so a bracelet of special memories can be built over a lifetime, one link at time. Kaspar & Esh never discontinues a link style so you can be confident you will always find exactly the link you want. Links are crafted in white gold, yellow gold, pink gold or a two-tone combination. Gemstone offerings include classic white diamonds, fine natural colored diamonds, and color treated diamonds.

As new links are added, your jeweler will trim the gold filled snake chain to provide a perfect fit. Each link style has its own 14K clasp to replace the gold filled starter bracelet when it reaches the appropriate length. When you have your completed bracelet, your jeweler will send it back to Kaspar & Esh to be finished with 14k gold rivets.

At Rogers Fine Jewelers, we are proud to announce that we now carry the stunning line of Kaspar & Esh jewelry. We invite you to come in today and speak with our friendly staff to help you find a quality piece will be gorgeous reminders of celebrations and special occasions.