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Howard Miller

In 1926, at the young age of 21, Howard Miller founded his namesake company. Even then, Howard Miller was committed to providing his customers with the highest quality product.

He learned the fine art of clock making from his father, Herman, while growing up in Germany. Miller's upbringing and skills helped him shape a vision of clock making in which a keen sense of innovation which has created a tradition of excellence now lasting three generations.

Although the early years were focused on creating chiming wall clocks and mantel clocks, Howard Miller also manufactured avant garde clocks that soon became trendsetters. In the 1960’s, Howard Miller started producing grandfather clocks. Their reputation grew and eventually earned the company the title of “World’s Largest Grandfather Clock Manufacturer.”

In 1989, Howard Miller branched out into other avenues and started creating collector’s cabinets. Flawlessly crafted from glass and various hardwoods, these cabinets are ideal for displaying heirloom pieces, glassware, plates and other precious collectibles. Most recently, Howard Miller has acquired three other companies: the Hekman Furniture Company, Woodmark Company, and Kieninger Company of Germany. This collaboration is part of the company’s continuing effort to offer expertly handcrafted products.

Howard Miller is proud to showcase hundreds of items. You can find a wide variety of clocks that come in all sort of styles and colors to complement any décor. Some of the company's exciting offerings include wall and mantel clocks, portable alarm clocks, desk sets, collector’s cabinets and limited edition grandfather clocks. Howard Miller guarantees every piece is created with the same focus on quality and craftsmanship that the company has been devoted to since 1926.

Some prefer to give Howard Miller timepieces to others for milestone life moments, such as weddings and anniversaries. Others collect Howard Miller timepieces for themselves, seeing each piece as an investment in quality craftsmanship.

At Rogers Fine Jewelers we are incredibly pleased to bring you the incomparable workmanship of Howard Miller. If you are looking to find the perfect gift for any occasion, we at Rogers Fine Jewelers offer a vast selection of Howard Miller timepieces suitable for every style of home and business. Stop by today and see what we have in store. We look forward to seeing you and providing you with outstanding service.